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E-mail marketing enables you to reach your target group cost-effectively and precisely. After a small test campaign, which is tested and optimized in the subject line, we calculate the necessary campaign volume based on your goals. You set yourself a campaign goal and we reach it for you.

Experience makes the difference

Many service providers send tons of emails around the world. For us, it's not about sending as many e-mails as possible in a short time. Our goal is to achieve optimal long-term results through system and analysis. With years of experience in marketing, sales and IT we simply know what we are doing.


The recommendation of successful entrepreneurs

What makes e-mail marketing so useful, so incomparable, so unbeatable?
The costs are low compared to other advertising measures. The controllability of your campaign is excellent as it is proportionally scalable.

With which other medium can you reach so many potential customers or prospective buyers for such a low price, in such a short time?

And the special feature: You can statistically evaluate all campaigns easily and get a lot of information about your target group. How old were the people who reacted, were it more men or women, are the respondents more urban or rural, and what interests have your openers?
Based on the reaction criteria, you can systematically optimize future campaigns. This not only saves budget, it also creates performance.

We are looking forward to carry out your next campaign with you.
We convince with our numbers and results.

Our service at overview

With us you can reach your sales goals


You can place your products and services with up to 11.3 million of our newsletter recipients. We work on CPM, CPC, CPL basis or for interesting projects also on commission.



Even large campaigns can be delivered reliably and quickly with our numerous servers. The team always has a special view of the deliverability of the campaigns with the providers.


Premium distribution

More than 20% opening rate are our usual rates. Thanks to our 16 special lists, which are tailored to specific interest profiles, we give you a free negotiable opening guarantee.


data management
and match

Data Optimization, MD5 comparison, restricted list exclusion?

Our technicians assist you with their comprehensive expertise.


Analysis and optimization

The subject lines and the design of the template have a very large influence on the success of a campaign.
We test in advance what works so that you get the best results from the main shipping.


Email delivery services

You have your own data, but no email delivery system, no time or do not like to spend your time with it? From data import and campaign dispatch to final statistics, we take care of the complete service for you.


Email campaign

Carry out various campaigns.


needs analysis...




performance control

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